Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Height of love: Women find taller men more attractive

Height of love: Women find taller men more attractive

: When it comes to love, size does matter as height plays a key role in sexual attraction, a new research has found. 
    The study found that only after a couple has decided that the difference in height between them is right, they consider face, personality and body shape. 
    Men prefer to look down on a woman, while women are attracted to taller men, the ‘Daily Mail’ reported. 
    Scientists have even 
worked out the ideal proportions, saying a man should be 1.09 times taller than his partner. This can be expressed as a ratio of 1.09:1. The study suggests that the ideal partner for a 5ft 8in woman is a man who stands 6ft 2in. 
    By contrast a woman of 5ft 2in would seek out a man of around 5ft 8in. The study by Polish anthropologist Dr Boguslaw Pawlowski suggests we are programmed to choose partners according to this formula. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thank you may be the key to a happier relationship

Thank you may be the key to a happier relationship

    Simply saying ‘thank you’ to your partner can result in a longerlasting and a more fulfilling relationship, according to a new study. 
    It seems couples are taking the simple gratitude for granted, and are overlooking its many positive effects. “Feeling appreciated by your partner influences how you act in your relationship, and how much you want to stay in that relationship,” a newspaper quoted study researcher Amie Gordon of the University of California as saying. 
    The researchers examined 50 undergraduate participants who had been in relationships for about 15 months. On days when people reported feeling 
more appreciated, they were more likely to report feeling more appreciative of their partner the following day. The appreciated couples were also less likely to have broken up nine months later, and were actually more committed to each other. “What goes wrong in a lot of relationships is that you start to take your partner for granted,” Gordon said. “Saying thank you helps you realize what you have, and makes you want to hold on to it. “You get used to having them in your life and forget why you chose to be with them,” she added. 
    The researchers also examined couples aged 18-60, nearly half of them living together, and monitored their interactions with each other. They coded how the couples interacted, including how often they touched each other, and made eye contact, and how engaged they were in their conversations. They discovered that the more often a participant acted in an understanding, validating and caring manner toward their partner, the more appreciated their partner felt, and the happier both were in the relationship. 
    Simple behavioural displays, such as leaning in to your partner when they are speaking, making eye contact, and giving comforting touches are important, but often overlooked, ways that people can show gratitude. 
    “The punch line is really that being appreciative of your partner is beneficial in helping 
you want to maintain your relationship,” she said. 

five cheeky moves that are guaranteed to spruce up the action between the sheets

Here’s a quick list of five cheeky moves that are guaranteed to spruce up the action between the sheets after you’ve had a busy week

    It could be the long hours he and she spend at work or the stress of city life. Perhaps plain old monotony has set in after years of being together. Whatever the reason, fun in the bedroom has been MIA (missing in action) for a while. Fear not, we’ve got a plan to get you ready for an intimate weekend. 

MARK THE PAGES You still have those naughty books that you read in your teens? Find them and mark the pages that made you sweat. Underline the paragraphs or stick in little post-it notes and then leave the books ‘carelessly’ around for him or her to ‘find’. Start your Saturday morning by re-reading these marked verses and soon, you will be enacting a little scene of your own. 

THE RIGHT BUTTONS Your belly button is home to two acupressure points meant for sexual stimulation. These are located a little under your navel. To get them working, start at your belly button and work your way down to the pubic bone using your index finger. Using light pressure, massage in circular motions. No one needs to tell you when it starts to work, you’ll know. 

BRING A BUCKET You’ve got a wishlist for your birthday and a bucket list for all the things you want to do before you die. So use the same template to create a list for all the things you want to cross off in between the sheets. They could be fantasies, positions, locations or just things you are curious about. Five is a good start. Make your partner do the same. Now exchange lists and get cracking. 

SHOOT YOURSELF Seduce the camera a little in the privacy of your bedroom. Set up the tripod, put on the auto-timer and toss among the sheets in your sauciest negligee. Acting the way you want to feel is one of the surest ways to feel the way you want to. Winking at the camera could set you up in the mood for the evening. 

WALK THE TALK Put on a lingerie show for an audience of one. Dim the light, mark out a ramp and strut down wearing your best erotic togs and strike a pose. Admire your moves (ideally, there should be a mirror at the end of the ramp) and poise. Seeing yourself like this will liberate you a little sexually, and the next time, y o u m i g h t want to invite a partner to watch.